Energy Efficiency Directive

On 11 September 2012, the European Parliament adopted the long awaited Energy Efficiency Directive.

The directive brings forward legally binding measures to step up Member States efforts to use energy more efficiently at all stages of the energy chain - from the transformation of energy and its distribution to its final consumption.

This Directive is a big step forward however there have been some compromises along the way. For example Member states did not agree on a binding target - they have instead agreed on an indicative target of 20% energy savings and to binding measures. This is expected to result in a reduced 15% total energy savings by 2020, well short of the 20% goal that member states had previously agreed on in principle in 2007.

To make up for the shortfall, the 15% will be complemented by fuel efficiency regulation for cars and new standards for products such as boilers, which will be added to the Ecodesign directive.

This brings EU savings to 17%, a review of the Directive in 2016 will determine whether further binding measures will be introduced to make up the shortfall.

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