Everyone is talking about electric mobility

Everyone is talking about electric mobility - are the alternatives getting lost along the way?

Top class speakers and a high interest in the topic - successful workshop on alternative drivetrains and fuels in the Bremen parliament building on 18.September

Petrol and diesel are becoming more and more expensive. For this reason as well as because of Bremen's climate protection targets, questions about the alternatives need to be asked. Post-fossil-fuel and low carbon mobility are the keywords. No surprise the workshop created interest and attracted more than 100 participants, concist of Bremen organizations, business sector and about 15 people from abroad.

The workshop in the Parliament of Bremen offered professional presentations on current developments in the fields of hydrogen and fuel cells (Ulrich Piotrowski, Daimler), biofuels Christina Eriksson, Volvo Trucks, Gothenburg), natural gas (Timm Kehler, erdgas mobil) and about the current development in the field of Trolleytrucks (Martin Birkner, Siemens). The panel debate with representatives of research, politics and the commercial sector addressed the necessary conditions as well as the transfer-ability to Bremen.

There will be a fact sheet about the presentations, available around end of November, beginning of December.

Workshop Agenda in English

Workshop announcement in English

Christina Eriksson Volvo presentation

Martin Birkner Siemens AG presentation

Timm Kehler erdgas mobil 1von1

Timm Kehler erdgas mobil 2von2

Ulrich Piotrowski Daimler AG

workshop picture 2

workshop picture 1