Partners from the UK, Germany, Belgium and Norway are working together to deliver a common approach towards carbon reduction and energy efficiency within the North Sea Region.

The Low Carbon Regions in the North Sea (LOWCAP) cluster project reviews and exchanges knowledge and experiences from four carbon reduction and energy efficiency projects (Build with Care, Care North, North Sea Sustainable Energy Planning and Carbon Capture & Storage) in the North Sea Region.

The European Union’s (EU) 2020 targets for carbon reduction and energy efficiency require innovative and practical initiatives to deliver change. LOWCAP will produce and disseminate policy advice to help meet these targets within the North Sea Region as a key output of the project.

The project’s objective to create a North Sea Region Programme perspective on Carbon Reductions & Energy Efficiency by:

  • Compiling key results from the four partner projects and other related North Sea Region projects;
  • Identifying innovative high impact initiatives that contribute to EU targets
  • Raising awareness through the creation & expansion of stakeholder networks in North Sea Region and;
  • Influencing decision makers at a local, national, regional & EU level.

The partners have outlined the thematic areas to be addressed by the cluster: Key sectors such as buildings, transport and carbon capture and storage (CSS) present technological solutions which require political, economic and social acceptance to become reality.

Background issues such as lifestyle, behaviour and consumption, land use and finance are common themes which present different challenges.

Thematic Groups

  • Low Carbon Design & Planning
  • Transport Infrastructure & Modal Shift
  • Building Technologies
  • Carbon Capture, Transport & Storage
  • Consumption, Lifestyles & Behaviour


  • Aberdeen City Council (UK)
  • City of Bremen (Germany)
  • Dundee College (UK)
  • ICLEI (Germany)
  • Intercommunale Leidal (Belgium)
  • Jade University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
  • Tel Tek (Norway)
  • Telemark County Council (Norway)